Our Statement

To counter the dark and divisive voices in the Christian community advancing the politically toxic ideas of our so-called political leaders, “we the people” need to awaken to the ideals that animate us as people of faith and Americans. One of the most fundamental principles of the Christian faith is that we’re better together, so we must pray for and declare our love for all Americans, no matter their political views.

Because the call to unity comes from Christ himself, we ardently seek it.

While it is important to articulate what we are for, we agree with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s sentiment: Christians must speak up against injustice, untruth and division anywhere, as it is a threat to justice, truth and unity everywhere.

We stand in the tradition of God’s people, over the course of history, who have stood against racism, segregation, slavery, child sex trafficking, and all manner of outright evil. The Bible is full of examples of God’s people standing against evil in the dominant culture, and many faithful Christian leaders still are doing just that. That’s why we will promote a diverse cross-section of those spiritual leaders who’ve been sidelined, while others rush to the nearest news camera to minimize and justify the evil emanating from Washington, D.C. 

However, we do not stand against a person or people group; Donald Trump and other extremist political leaders are made in God’s image like all of us. But we do stand against the ways in which the actions of our political leaders embolden speech and behavior antithetical to the gospel – among Christian supporters and the citizenry at-large.

Trumpism includes the intentional division and gleeful degrading of others made in God’s image. This emanates from the top but has infected many of Trump’s followers and supporters, including influential Christian leaders. So few Christians in leadership have been willing to publicly decry the president, though they are quick to point it out among others who disagree with their political positions.

Political extremism, whether from the “left” or the “right,” uses violence, chaos, and degrading language as tools for social change. God is not a god of violence and chaos; we know that renewing the health of our church and nation is a primarily spiritual endeavor, not a political one.  

Consequently, this is not an effort centered on policy. Many of us find areas of agreement with the president and his supporters in matters of policy. We find clear areas of disagreement with Joe Biden and the Democrats. Many disciples find areas of common cause with certain policies advanced by the far left. However, we believe Christians who use, excuse and embrace toxic rhetoric to achieve specific policy “wins” are short-sighted and wrong.

We are against the demonization of people with different views and the ‘cancelling’ of perceived political enemies. We affirm the right of Americans to protest peacefully, even if angrily. As Christians we weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. But violent protests are contrary to democratic political processes and undermine our dignity as a nation and as human beings.

Standing against Trumpism and political extremism is an important part of a reformation movement for the declining Church. If we are going to rebound in the next decade, we must once again nail the truest of our values to its door. These values will exist longer than any fleeting political policies that benefit us in the moment.

We aim to defeat this style of politics first in repentance for the ways we have contributed in any way to a culture of contempt. Second, we will pray for our leaders, our neighbors, and our churches — that we’ll come closer to fulfilling the motto proposed for the first Great Seal of the United States by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson in 1776: “E Pluribus Unum.”

Out of many, one.

Indulging in Trumpism and political extremism is like building a house on the sand. We know this story. The house may seem strong, but it will crumble. Christians Against Trumpism & Political Extremism seeks to rebuild on the solid foundations of heart-felt repentance and true spiritual revival.

May it be so.